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Achieving a Lean Six Sigma certification with a Black belt can be such a great leap forward as far as your career is concerned. The knowledge, skills, and prestige that come with this achievement can help you move up the management ranks in your company or organization. If you are looking for a way of making yourself as attractive as it can get in this business then you need to consider becoming Lean Six Sigma black belt certified. You might not know why this is important but once you read about the current concerns in most companies you will be able to understand why Lean Six Sigma black belt certification is such an important thing.

Many companies are faced with system inefficiencies, system waste, and quality issues. On top of that, there is also the issue of improvement where companies are looking hard to find ways, they believe, can help them realize continuous improvement.


These factors occurring as single or all of them at once have the ability to slow down a company and lead to losses in the end. As such, organizations are seeking ways they believe can help them collectively deal with these issues and help their companies grow. This in itself has not been so easy to achieve in many ways. First, the issue of efficiency has been one elusive achievement in many organizations. Many companies are seeking hard ways they feel can enable them to beat this challenge. Efficiencies when they occur can lead to system wastes which have the potential of increasing a company’s costs leading to losses in the end.

As such or result, it has become very important for companies to find ways they feel can enable them to get the better of these challenges soon enough. That is not all, there is also the other issue mentioned above of continuous system improvement which again leads to manufacturing quality. Again, this is also another important factor in companies that have to be looked at with a lot of seriousness. Any organization that is unable to deliver the expected quality standards in the market is bound for failure. It is because of this reason that many companies are considering this issue with a lot of seriousness.

Many of them want ways they feel can help them bring about an improvement that will consequently lead to an improvement in quality. These among some others are some of the challenges that companies face which also have the ability to impact their progress in a negative manner. These challenges as you see them can be best dealt with by people who are Lean Six Sigma black belt certified. Having this knowledge will enable you to tackle any serious issues in organizations and help deliver timely solutions to these said issues.

It is because of this reason that we did mention that being a Lean Six Sigma black belt is such a great leap in your professional life. By this certification alone, you will be able to appeal to many employers, something that will put you in a prime position of landing a lucrative job.

What you need to know as a Lean Six Sigma black belt candidate

As you consider becoming Lean Six Sigma Black belt certified, it is very important for you to know that getting here is by far not an easy task. You need to commit yourself to this task and make sure that you put in the required efforts that will lead you to this realization.

To help you have as much possible seamless process for this attainment, we intend to now switch gears and see what you need to know as a Lean Six Sigma candidate. Even as you go about this quest, it is important that you take to know a few things about this whole process.

A Lean Six Sigma certification is only attained through an exam that you are expected to pass before getting certified. However, before getting to this exam, you are expected to complete an in-depth training course that will put you in a prime position of realizing success with the same exam.

The kind of materials and everything that you will use in this training will largely build on your previous training in the other Lean Six Sigma belt certifications. This then brings us to another issue that is equally important. Are you certified with the other Lean Six Sigma belts before seeking a Lean Six Sigma black belt certification?

Having knowledge in the previous six belt certification levels will enable you to gain a much better understanding of the Six Sigma black belt hence passing its exam with a lot of ease. However, not having knowledge in these previous levels can make it hard for you to comprehend some Six Sigma concepts as much of what is taught at the Lean Six Sigma black belt level builds on the concepts learned at the previous levels.

At the Lean Six Sigma black belt level, you are expected as a student to successfully perform complex calculations which are related to processes. Other than that, you also are expected to find ways of determining, identifying, and addressing a problem at any level of the business structure.

The training in Lean Six Sigma also focuses heavily on the development of managerial and leadership qualities that can all help a company move forward. In short, at the completion of this course, you are expected as a student to have a much better and broad understanding of all the Lean Six Sigma concepts and also the methodology of the same. Other than that, you should also be able to oversee the implementation of these concepts in an organization successfully.

On top of that, a Lean Six Sigma certification with a black belt also means that you can take part in training other lean six Sigma students as well. For instance, you can take on the training of the Lean Six Sigma green belt students within your organization. If you are not yet certified with a Lean Six Sigma green belt then this is the right time for you to contact Lean Six Sigma experts of North Dakota. With this certification, you will be able to read a lot and gain more as a person, especially with your career.

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